Photo by: Joe Lovenshimer

About Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain Threadworks was founded on the belief that it could make the finest climbing harnesses in the world, and that this could be accomplished in a manner that was respectful of all involved - customers, employees, vendor partners and owners alike. Years of experiencing the forests, cliffs and rivers of the Southern Appalachian Range has taught us to care for the land where we work and live. Climbing in this terrain of wild gorges and green, lush mountains inspires us in our quest to make Misty Mountain harnesses the most comfortable, durable and functional they can be.

Misty Mountain manages all of its operations responsibly and sustainably. Our products are made in the United States, in our folksy yet state of the art textile facility in the North Carolina mountains. Manufacturing locally means that we provide employment for skilled workers in a shrinking manufacturing economy. Manufacturing locally cuts down substantially on total freight costs in both dollars and carbon emissions, as our products are not sent via container from the other side of the planet. We further reduce our carbon footprint by reusing corrugated boxes from local retailers and suppliers for all of our outgoing shipments. Product designs and manufacturing processes are optimized to minimize waste and promote recycling. Streamlining all processes to conserve energy use is an ongoing project at Misty Mountain. 

Misty Mountain is committed to being a responsible corporation, and we thank you for your support. We hope that you find a world of adventure in your climbing, and that you care for the world in a way that shows your commitment to a sustainable environment for all to share. 

To all of you, from all of us at Misty Mountain - Thank you.

Goose Kearse