ISH Chest Harness

Rappelling, climbing and other vertical activities while wearing a heavy pack with just a sit harness can be dangerous and inadvisable. When a higher tie-in point is desired to remain upright, the operator may increase security by wearing the Misty Mountain ISH Chest Harness attached to the belt/leg loops combination to create a full body harness. The chest harness attaches to the sit harness via a 5,000 lb adjustable reinforced nylon loop. Using the ISH Chest harness in conjunction with the belt and leg loops creates a 16kN (3,600 lb) rated full body harness. Currently the ISH System components are available in three colors - Coyote Brown, Black or MultiCam. ISH components are available individually or in different modular kits. The ISH Chest holds the UIAA Safety Label for chest harnesses and is rated to 10 kN in head down configuration.

Weight 19.6 oz.

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