ISH Sit Kit

The platform of the Integrated Stealth Harness is the ISH Belt, designed to withstand forces of 13 kN (2,925 lb) while still functioning as a normal belt to secure your pants' waistband. The ISH belt provides a secure attachment point when used inside an aircraft, tower climbing, for short emergency rappels or other situations where positioning and safety are necessary. Dual layers of nylon belt webbing sandwiched around the inner HDPE stabilizers provide torsional stiffness and allow the belt to holster a sidearm without collapse. Designed to be worn underneath belt loops, the ISH belt can serve as a simple duty belt, or work as a lifesaving device.

For activities where climbing, rappelling or hoisting might be involved, the operator can use the ISH Leg Loops in conjunction with the ISH Belt, creating a climber's sit harness capable of withstanding forces of 16 kN (3,600 lb). The leg loops attach to the front of the belt with a locking carabiner (included) and in the back with a small metal clip. There are two different ISH Belts. The ISH Original Belt utilizes a slider bar style forged buckle closure. ISH Urban Belt utilizes an Austri Alpin Cobra buckle closure. ISH Leg Loops are available in Original with quick adjust leg loops, Urban Leg Loops with 1" Austri Alpin Cobra buckles, and Ultralight Urban with the Cobra buckles. Currently the ISH System components are available in three colors - coyote brown, black and MultiCam. ISH components are available individually or in different modular kits.

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