Stealth Bouldering Pad

The Stealth Bouldering Pad is 36" x 48" x 3.4" thick. It is a hinged pad that features 1000 denier nylon construction, metal hook buckles, padded shoulder straps and the ability to separate the halves for sleeping or long traverses. The hinged design is advantageous in that it is quicker to fold and unfold and it lays perfectly flat when open. It also helps to prolong the foam life. Ingenious anti-hinge straps allow the boulderer to pull the halves together tightly, effectively eliminating any gutter effect and also stiffening the pad. The 1000 D nylon construction allows for many more color combinations and since these pads are made to order, custom combinations are available. Please note, the Stealth Bouldering pad is only available on our website.

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