9 Delicious Doughnut Shops Near Climbing Areas

Words by Kathy Karlo

Photo by Matthias Gauzy

I’ve recently decided that climbing routes should be rated in calories needed to ascend to the top (especially for more physical climbs such as offwidths). That being said, here is a list I have compiled of the best doughnuts in some of my favorite climbing areas.

Atlanta, GA

Not only does Sublime have two locations in Atlanta (and one in Bankok, Thailand!), but they’re open twenty-four hours every day. They have crowd pleasers such as the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Nutella, but the winner is their Fresh Strawberry N Cream: IT HAS REAL STRAWBERRIES INSIDE. It’s basically heaven on earth. Their doughnuts are dense and doughy, and you can snag a to-go box on your way to Boat Rock for some sharp granite bouldering.

Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee has only one Atlanta location, but can also be found at Grant Park Farmers Market, Peachtree Road Farmers Markey, and Emory Farmers Market. A bit more on the gourmet side of the doughnut world, you can fall in love with this small family-owned company with flavors such as Caramel Bacon and Orange Pistachio. These yeasty treats are light and fluffy and delicious. You can even order low-grain/gluten, and most of their offerings are vegan. Revolution prides themselves in using real food ingredients in their entire selection. Evan Raines says of his favorite doughnut shop: “Revolution is the best doughnut shop in the known universe. The only reason someone would say Sublime is to have more Revolution doughnuts to themselves.”

Chattanooga, TN

Julie Darling Donuts got the unanimous vote from Chatt friends. For quality doughnuts with great variety, check out Julie Darling—if not for the doughnuts, then for the charming ambiance! They have both regular and gourmet flavors that cover the gamut. You got your Buttermilk, Apple Pie, and Oreo, but have you tried PANCAKES AND BACON yet? They also offer filled doughnuts and Do-ssants. Yes, Do-ssants. Cronuts, watch out. Grab a baker’s dozen and be the most popular kid at Stone Fort that day.

New Paltz, NY

Jenkins and Lueken Orchards. Apple cider doughnuts. I don’t really need to say anything else here, except that you could be sitting on the High E ledge right now devouring three of these.

Mazama, WA

Mazama General Store is basically a super store/Whole Foods/coffeeshop all in one. The word is that their pastries, cookies, and doughnuts are all super dank, all organic, and just made that morning. Located right outside of Washington Pass, grab yours and head out to check out the climbing of the Cascades.


Salt Lake City, UT

Beyond Glaze has not only some top notch doughnuts, but it is like purchasing beautiful little pieces of artwork. I’m usually not caught up in the aesthetics of my pastry but they kind of take the cake. Also, any place that puts actual bacon on their pastry is A++.


Orangeville, UT

The Food Ranch is the closest spot to pick up all of your grocery needs. It’s only about a twenty minute drive from Joe’s Valley, one of the most iconic bouldering crags in the heart of Utah. The doughnuts go on sale in the afternoon, but guaranteed to be sold out of the Oreo and Butterfinger by that time, so stock up early in the morning. Plan on climbing a grade below usual if you eat them pre-send; the Butterfingers is delicious and you can’t eat just one.

Bozeman, MT

Granny’s Donuts is located in charming Bozeman, MT. It’s a small shop with a homey feel to it, but isn’t that what makes a doughnut shop special? They keep it simple and classic, but the word is that there are Pitt Bull puppies with extra wiggly excited butts to scratch. Wash ya hands before you eat your pastry.