Matt Threlfall (Waterstone Outdoors)

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Matt is a local climber in Fayetteville, WV and retail clerk at Waterstone Outdoors, a premiere outdoor gear store known for providing quality gear and friendly advice to rock climbers and outdoor enthusiasts in the New River Gorge of West Virginia since 1994. They have been a valued partner of Misty Mountain since the beginning and continue to bring the climbing community together through their events and programming. We stopped by the shop to ask Matt a few questions about himself and the climbing at The New.

Where did you grow up?

Most of my growing up happened in Plano, TX. Although, all of my mom’s family is from the Harrisburg, PA area.

When did you start climbing?

I started climbing (seriously) while living with my grandpa, the winter of 2007 and was first introduced to climbing while in the Boy Scouts as a youth. The first time I went climbing on real rock was during a backpacking trip at a high adventure scout camp, called Philmont.

What’s your most memorable send?

One of my more memorable sends was Lactic Acid Bath, simply because it was the first route I ever touched at the NRG 9 years ago. I pulled up to Rogers Rocky Top Retreat for the first time and was greeted by my friend Tim, telling me to grab my stuff, and come get down on the Hole swing. At that point, I had never lead, or climbed a route before, and to have the whole experience come full circle this year was tremendously rewarding for me.

Do you have a project right now?

I struggle to project and revel in the good style of onsighting, but now that I have committed to living in Fayetteville, I look forward to working my shortcomings, such as projecting.

What’s it like to work at Waterstone Outdoors?

Working at Waterstone is truly a blessing to me. I have had a lot of different jobs in my short 30 years of life, and working directly for an owner is definitely my preference. Waterstone is not all fun and games, it offers cruxes for all personality types.  The intangible and tangible offerings that Waterstone has provided me, are huge and I am a better person because of working here.

Have any tips for climbers visiting The New?

Some advice to visiting climbers,(East Coast in general) stay for two weeks. This gives you one week to get rained out and one week to CRUSH!!! Stoke is high when rain clouds roll by = )