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ISH Marine Belt


The ISH Marine Belt features two belts, a lightweight, 1.5” wide inner liner belt faced with Velcro loop for wearing beneath belt loops, and the outer load rated belt. The 1.75” wide outer belt features ⅜” molle for mounting mission essentials, front and rear attachment loops, and a heavy duty stainless steel slider bar adjuster buckle to minimize corrosion in a maritime environment. Outer belt is lined with Velcro hook for mounting onto liner belt. All nylon and nylon/polyester construction. UIAA Safety label approved and load rated to 15 kN as a sit harness with ISH Leg Loops. EN361 rated as a full body harness in combination with the ISH Chest harness. Made in the USA, Berry Amendment Compliant.

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Custom Harness – 3D

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Misty Mountain’s Custom Harness Builder is a unique platform that allows each climber to customize a perfect harness for their climbing needs.

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Disposable Face Mask


Disposable 3PLY Level 1 Face Mask

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)  ≥ 95%

Standard (Adult) Size 17.5 x 9.5cm


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Misty Mountain Cloth Face Mask


Misty Mountain’s Cloth Face Mask is manufactured using two layers of 100% Cotton fabric. Nylon side sleeves allow the drawcord to be adjusted for proper fit. Pleats on both sides of the mask allow for optimal adjustability and coverage.

Misty Mountain Cloth Face Masks are available in an assortment of colors – customer will receive color based on current available stock.

Disclaimer: The Misty Mountain Mask is designed for use where a fabric face mask is recommended.  It is not intended as a medical mask nor should it be used for medical applications requiring medical grade filtration and protection.


NOTE: For local purchases,  please visit Stick Boy Bread Company.  Located at 345 Hardin St, Boone, NC 28607(828) 268-9900


Rock Dimensions Climbing Guides – located downtown at 131B Depot Street – (828) 265-3544


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Misty Logo Hoodie


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Black CoolMax Beanie


Soft and Lightweight Beanie with Misty Logo.

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Grey Knit Beanie


Keep warm and send in style with a Misty Mountain beanie!

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ISH Assault Sit Kit


The ISH Assault Belt and TQ Leg Loops form a tactical harness load rated to 15 kN suitable for fall arrest in accordance with UIAA 105 Type C. Chosen by Naval Special Warfare as their Multipurpose Harness, the ISH Assault belt is a gun belt system with inner liner belt and outer load rated belt. ISH TQ Leg Loops mount to front of belt with auto locking carabiner included in the harness kit. Belt features molle for mounting mission essentials. Leg Loops feature auto-block loops for rappel backup and can be used in an emergency as tourniquets or a pelvic binder.

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