Homage Series: Rich Gottlieb, The Gunks


The Gunks, outside of New Paltz, New York, is one of the best crags in the country. Rock quality, protection, history, no aspect of the Gunks falls below three star level. I first climbed there over twenty years ago, and still remember the thrill leading the overhanging High Exposure, which is as full value as any pitch I’ve ever enjoyed.  Dick Williams, then co-owner of Rock & Snow, the most excellent climbing shop in town, even signed my guidebook that he had authored.

A generation later and Rich Gottlieb has been sole owner of Rock & Snow for nearly as long. Rich is a class act, a creative, intelligent, funny and kind sort. Father, husband, entrepreneur and climber, Rich was kind enough to take us along for a Gunks’ classic, “Son of Easy O”. Check out the video, enjoy the stellar fall colors and make sure to get to the Gunks and visit Rock & Snow before you hang up your harness!