Misty Mountain Cloth Face Mask

$12.95 $9.95

Misty Mountain’s Cloth Face Mask is manufactured using two layers of 100% Cotton fabric with a third layer of nonwoven material in the middle. Nylon side sleeves allow the drawcord to be adjusted for proper fit. Pleats on both sides of the mask allow for optimal adjustability and coverage.

Misty Mountain Cloth Face Masks are available in an assortment of colors – customer will receive color based on current available stock.

Disclaimer: The Misty Mountain Mask is designed for use where a fabric face mask is recommended.  It is not intended as a medical mask nor should it be used for medical applications requiring medical grade filtration and protection.


NOTE: For local purchases,  please visit:

Rock Dimensions Climbing Guides – located downtown at 131B Depot Street – (828) 265-3544