ISH TQ Leg Loops (Patented)


When combined with the ISH Belt, this system forms a 3,400 lb (15 kN) rated climbing sit harness, adjusts for size, features integral auto-block loops on each leg and includes an auto-lock carabiner.

ISH TQ leg loops have built in tourniquet straps in each leg loop that allow them to be used as tourniquets for emergency field medicine. Strap can be tightened and secured in combination with a carabiner (included) for use in an emergency as a tourniquet to aid in prevention of massive blood loss. Please note ISH TQ leg loops should be used as a tourniquet for emergencies and only by trained medical personnel. Similar to ISH Urban Ultralight Leg Loops, ISH TQ leg loops feature 1″ Austri Alpin Cobra buckles and 2″ wide lightweight nylon webbing.

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