ISH Assault Belt


The ISH Assault Belt is a two piece belt system that marries a battle style belt and a load rated harness. The outer  Belt is load rated to 3,000 lbs, suitable for fall restraint. Designed using 1.75″ wide belt webbing, front and rear reinforced attachment loop and dual layer for stiffness, ¾” wide Velcro hook on inside of ISH Assault belt  mounts to inner belt for stability. ISH Assault Belt features the 18 kN Austri Alpin ANSI Pro Cobra buckle with small tabs for greater safety. Mount mission essentials on Molle along outer belt face. Two mini gear loops on each side offer additional attachment points.  Lightweight 1.5” wide nylon & polyester liner belt holds up trousers, features Velcro loop on face for mounting outer belt and two bar acetal adjuster for easy closure. Can be used with any ISH Leg Loops to form a 15 kN rated climbing sit harness according to UIAA 105 Type C.