MM Operator Sit Harness


The MM Operator Belt and MM Cobra Leg Loops form a tactical harness load rated to 15 kN suitable for fall arrest in accordance with UIAA 105 Type C. The MM Operator Belt features a lightweight nylon, Velcro faced liner belt for use underneath belt loops to hold up trousers. The Operator Outer Belt is load rated and features an Austri Alpin Cobra buckle, front and rear attachment loops, four small gear loops, molle outer attachment webbing for mounting mission essentials, and a Velcro tab for stowing a Fifi hook. Padded, adjustable leg loops feature easy on/off Cobra buckles, auto-block loops and rear elastic leg loop hold-up strap. A Rock Exotica Pirate auto-lock carabiner hooks the belt and leg loops together in the front.