How to Create an All-Around Tape Glove for Crack Climbing


Climbing granite cracks in Joshua Tree can take its toll on your skin and a hand full of bleeding “gobbies” is not a good look.  A tape glove will prevent this.  Say goodbye to unnecessary abrasions and get ready to climb longer and have a more enjoyable experience.

There are numerous ways to tape your hands and all have pros and cons.  Here we describe how to create an “all around” glove good for most types of crack climbing.

Step #1

Taping your thumb.  Rip the tape 3-5 inches in length.  Start near your last thumb knuckle and place the strip down your thumb towards your wrist.  Add 2 more strips to either side, and make sure they overlap by half to ensure a durable glove.  Taping the thumb can be essential when climbing off-hands, fist cracks, and wider terrain.  To finish this step, use a half-strip of tape around the thumb knuckle to secure everything in place.

Step #2

Taping the back and front of your hand.  Rip the tape 3-6 inches in length.  Place the first strip on the back of your hand just below your knuckles.  Make sure the tape is long enough to wrap partially into your palm but avoid wrapping all the way around your hand.  Do the same on the palm of your hand and make sure the tape lays flat and overlaps the other pieces.  The tape should cover all of your skin and avoid wrinkling in the tape.

Step #3

Finalize the glove.  To put the finishing touches on your glove wrap the wrist using two separate pieces of tape 3-6 inches in length.  This should overlap the remaining ends securing your glove firmly.  Make sure not to apply the tape too tight to ensure enough flexibility and circulation in your wrist.