The Journey of a Father’s Cadillac

Story and photos by: Fred Rhoderick

I found myself with a little down time at work and next thing you know, I am on your web site looking for my next harness. I was reading through your history, and what struck me is your dedication to friends and family and how that feeling, vibe, groove, mission statement or whatever you choose to call it extends to your customers as well. If you care to keep reading I would like to relate a bit of a story of my first Cadillac harness and how it has seen some really profound moments in my families life.
In 2008 our son was born. His older sister, five at the time was less than impressed and asked if I could take her climbing. I think she just wanted to hang out with me and try not to focus on what was changing in her life. As it often does, climbing can provide a solution. I had dabbled outside with her before but came to realize the limitations Dad’s enthusiasm can impose. I had just purchased my Cadillac when this picture was taken in 2007 when Abbey was four.

Soon after her brother was born we were at our local gym turning laps on TR.

As she has grown she has taken more to bouldering and has begun to out climb me on a regular basis.

And is starting to enjoy the vertical a little more.

And has grown into one of the best climbing buddies I have ever had.

Although she hardly looks little and pudgy any more. While she has grown into her own skin, I still try to get out on occasion and try to destroy my Cadillac. No easy feat even after years of scumming up alpine routes and safe sport falls. It still makes me smile every time I put it on. Comfortable as the day it arrived at my apartment.

NE Arete Mt. Cowen (Absorka Mts)
(Bail off onto Wall Street. Descent after getting clobbered by a storm in July on a Direct Exum attempt, Tetons)

In any case, as she helped me sort cams for my upcoming trip to Red Rocks, she grabbed my harness from the closet in our house and handed it to me. I had to smile a bit as I remembered how much this harness has seen, so to speak. I love your gear and please keep making it and doing it so well. She will need a new harness soon as she has out grown the free ones she has received as comp prizes. Can’t wait to get her into her first Misty.

Thanks Again

Fred Rhoderick
Missoula, MT