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Misty Mountain Ambassador Report Belaytionship Lee Hansche Lily


By Lee Hansche – We are all aware that in order to be successful climbers and to achieve our goals we need to be strong, flexible, and mentally focused. We know that we need to eat right, sleep well, and wait for the right weather conditions. Everyone is unique when it comes to which of these things is most important to their process’ and there are many factors that play heavily into your success’ as a climber…



By Alan Goldbetter – In 2005, while preparing to attend my second (and the third ever) New River Rendezvous, I inquired from my then boss what routes should I try climbing during my trip to the New River Gorge. He asked, “Well, what grade do you climb?” I thought about my response for a moment, and with all the false confidence that a new-to-climbing, 15-year-old can muster replied…

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Climbing 5.9 on a recent trip to Nabari, Japan.

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